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Welcome to Calyx Health and Fitness in beautiful Cañon City, Colorado! Online womens’ fitness coach, Shawnda Welch offers a variety of tailored coaching programs designed to meet your health and fitness goals.

Using the latest scientific evidence Shawnda seeks to educate, build individual competency, and give her valued clients a unique and personalized experience to achieve measurable results. The driving force behind Calyx’s specially designed coaching programs is Shawnda’s deep desire and genuine care for women’s nutritional and training needs, struggles, and unique backgrounds. 

No matter what phase of life you are in, Calyx has a program targeted to meet your needs! During our weekly sessions we focus on your goals, celebrate wins, and work to build skills for further progress.

Shawnda believes coaching to be a trusted partnership where frustrations, challenges, and decisions surrounding your specific needs can be shared and addressed in a safe and confidential manner. This process of personal guidance and accountability ensures real success in a way that is fun, motivating, and sustainable.

benefits of fitness coaching

  • Personalized Programs
    Tailored fitness and nutrition plans designed to suit the unique biomechanics and health goals of each individual.

  • Comprehensive Approach
    Not just focusing on physical well-being, but also incorporating healthy living practices for a holistic health strategy.

  • Continuous Support
    Ongoing adjustments to nutrition and training plans to ensure long-term success and continuous improvement.

  • Focus on Women's Health
    Programs specially designed with women's health and fitness goals in mind, supporting them at every stage of life.

  • Healthy Living Beyond Exercise
    Addressing sleep, stress management, and other behaviors that impact overall health.

  • Client Success is Priority
    The commitment to work tirelessly to provide all necessary tools for clients to prioritize their health and achieve their fitness goals.

  • Confidence Building
    Helping women increase their belief in themselves and their life abilities through health and fitness achievements.

Together, we will also address any issues necessary to help you reach your goals. Calyx Health and Fitness programs are not just about your physical well-being. What makes Calyx Health and Fitness different is that we focus on healthy living practices as well as overall physical health.

We will work together to address sleep and stress management, and any other behaviors which are not promoting your health. 

Throughout your entire process here at Calyx Health and Fitness, we will continue fine tuning your nutrition and training through a comprehensive and holistic approach, so you will continue getting results for long term success. 

At Calyx Health and Fitness, we succeed only when you succeed. And we will work tirelessly to make sure we are giving you all the tools you need to put your health first. 

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Calyx Health and Fitness, located in beautiful Cañon City, Colorado, specializes in nutrition, wellness and fitness training for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Whatever your health goals may be, Calyx Health and Fitness is trained in giving you the tools you need to get the results you seek. 


Shawnda helped me stay motivated and encouraged me throughout my whole training. I love the options I have with the customized training and saw sustainable results with my weight loss and increased strength and muscle definition. I highly recommend the program! Shawnda is very patient and works so well in keeping you motivated and help develop and long lasting and healthy lifestyle with nutrition and weight training.

Cristina F. Canon City, Colorado

Shawnda has been an inspiration to me for many years. She is more disciplined and dedicated to her own health and fitness than anyone I know. Shawnda leads by example and teaches with a kind and gentle spirit. Whether you’re wanting to perfect your form and take you fitness routine to the next level or are brand new to working out, you’ll be in good hands with Shawnda at Calyx Fitness.

Jen E. Canon City, Colorado

Shawnda is inspiring and encouraging. Her advice is balanced, so you know she isn't just following fads or trends. She is continuously striving to understand health, fitness, and wellness on a deeper level to bring expertise to every situation. She is my go - to person for all things related to getting healthier and stronger. I have been able to achieve very important goals, thanks to Shawnda.

Autumn M. Canon City, Colorado

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