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Calyx Health and Fitness basicsAt Calyx Health and Fitness, coaching is taken seriously, so clients are expected to invest their best in terms of exercise, nutrition, and mindset work to achieve results. All online programs begin with a 6-month commitment to ensure time for progress. 

What It Includes: 

  • Customized strength training based on a set of tests
  • Customized nutrition program including macronutrient intakes, calorie guidelines, recommended food choices for health , satiety, micronutrient intakes, supplements and more. 
  • A program log to track your workouts and body measurements
  • Weekly 20 minute check-in calls along with assessments to optimize results and for questions, support and fitness advice
  • Video access for all exercises in your program 
  • Video technique assessment feedback

Monthly Coaching Fee: $149

calyx coaching programs

Women have different needs depending on the various stages of their life! Calyx celebrates women’s unique qualities. Anatomically, physiologically, and psychologically.

The various transitions women encounter in life can be exciting and positive with proper support and guidance. Having a coach who understands women and uses solid principles can be life changing! 

All coaching programs prioritize YOU! YOUR tailored nutrition, training, sleep, and stress management. Some programs may emphasize one or more of these aspects depending on your goals and stage of life. 

Dump the Plump!

  • Lose body fat while gaining and maintaining lean muscle tissue
  • Build lifelong skills in food choices, nutrition, meal planning, and more
  • Improve your relationship with food and the scale for a sustainable lifestyle
  • Gain valuable knowledge for reasons of overeating, weight gain, and hunger
  • Achieve your goal weight and sustain your results

Pump it Up!

  • Get leaner, stronger, more mobile, more muscular, and healthier
  • Prioritize proper exercise execution, gym confidence, and fatigue management
  • Build lifelong training strategies like progressive overload, volume, frequency, and intensity
  • Pump up your health while feeling your best!! 
  • Boost your resting metabolic rate, manage your blood sugar levels, and reduce signs of aging

Pelvic Powerhouse

  • Stay strong, safe, and healthy through each trimester of your pregnancy 
  • Gentle support and guidance with appropriately modified exercises
  • Emphasis on pelvic opening and promoting healthy weight gain
  • Reconnect with your body while healing from delivery
  • Improve strength, stability, coordination, and mood
  • Reduce stress
  • Decrease risk of DVT

Thrive Through Menopause (available June 2024)

  • Renew your energy and strength
  • Slow symptoms of arthritis, sarcopenia, and signs of aging
  • Protect your body from loss of bone density, reduce body fat, and reduce the risk of falls
  • Lower stress through the ability to release endorphins for mental wellbeing and cognition
  • Boost your immunity and mood
  • Improve sleep
  • Build lean muscle mass while strengthening your cardiovascular system  
  • Build powerful strategies to bust through the menopause roadblocks

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