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Calyx Health and Fitness consultationCalyx Health and Fitness offers comprehensive fitness coaching that goes beyond traditional workout routines, placing a stronger emphasis on nutrition, overall health, and wellness to support your fitness journey.

Coaching sessions can be tailored to suit your lifestyle, whether at home in Cañon City or any preferred location in Fremont County.

Understanding the integral role of nutrition in achieving fitness goals, our coaching focuses on developing personalized nutrition plans that complement your fitness activities.

This holistic approach ensures that you not only improve physically but also embrace a healthier lifestyle that supports sustained wellness.

nutrition + fitness coaching

Nutritional guidance is paired with fitness strategies that are adaptable and responsive to your body's needs, ensuring a balanced approach to health and fitness. By integrating these elements, we help you overcome plateaus and continuously progress towards your goals.

The importance of a well-rounded wellness routine cannot be overstated, especially when considering individual health objectives and lifestyle factors. Our coaching emphasizes the synergy between diet, exercise, and mental health, offering support and advice tailored to your unique situation.

Accountability is a cornerstone of our coaching philosophy, motivating you to maintain consistency in your health and fitness regimen. We understand the challenges of integrating fitness and nutrition into a busy lifestyle and provide the encouragement and structure needed to stay on track.

For those new to this holistic approach to health and fitness, our coaching offers a supportive and informative pathway to understanding the essentials of nutrition, health practices, and fitness strategies. We aim to make your journey towards a healthier lifestyle as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

Calyx Health and Fitness coaching fees

  • 1 Hour Session: $50
  • 30-Minute Session: $30

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