Tips and Strategies for Diet Adherence

Dieting is as much a mental battle as a physical one

2021-04-08 | calyx health and fitness

The way to fat loss, weight maintenance, and improved body composition is often as simple as adherence to your diet plan. Building new habits is like learning a new skill. You have to work at it, practice it, and have patience with yourself. Here’s some tips to stick to the plan! 1. Set realistic goals and have a plan to achieve them! This could include meal planning, tracking food, and precise portion control by scale weights. Plan lifestyle goals that will help you achieve your end goal. Consistency is key to achieving the end goal! 2. Eat foods you like!... Read The Rest

Thermic Effect of Food

Can Food Choices Affect Your Calorie Burn?

2020-11-12 | calyx health and fitness

Did you know there’s a way to eat more, exercise less, and still lose weight? All calories are not created equal! TEF, or the Thermic Effect of Food, is often misunderstood and underestimated. TEF is the proportion of food’s energy intake that your body burns to metabolize the food. The higher the TEF, the harder it is for your body to harvest energy from food. This means your body uses more energy to digest and process higher TEF foods, which means you get to eat more- not less calories- and get better results! Foods with higher TEF also help with... Read The Rest