How do I begin a strength training program?

This is one of our specialties! Hiring a personal trainer is your first step. At calyx health and fitness, we curate a program specifically for your goals and educate you on proper exercise technique and progressive overload progression. This will prevent mishaps and wasted time and energy without getting the results you desire. 

It can be daunting beginning something for the first time, but we have all been there! Many factors are considered when building a client’s program. Age, gender, lifestyle, current fitness level, and more, are all considered when setting the training volume (sets x reps) for beginners. Once the amount of training volume is established the next step is choosing the exercises for the program.

It is best to train with full range of motion for muscle development, strength, explosiveness, and joint health. Therefore, choosing exercises that stress different muscle fibers or stress the muscles at different lengths is implemented. Another consideration is optimizing the order of exercises in the program to emphasize specific muscle groups based on the client’s goals.

To maximize muscle growth and add variety we program unilateral exercises rather than using all bilateral movements, and incorporate both compound and isolation exercises. Since there are countless options in choosing exercises, it is vital to use a systematic approach based on scientifically proven objective criteria in selecting the right exercises for every client.

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